Spring slips in on verdant gossamer wings

Banishing Winter’s frigid squalls and gloomy mists.

Heralded by Daffodil and Jonquil,

She first burnishes the tops of burly Oaks

With dainty traces of faint yellow buds.

                     Then spatters tiny leaves of jade across topmost branches,

Followed by daily metamorphic transformations into new shapes

Of ever-larger leaves with stronger hues of green.

First sage, proceeding to moss, then basil, finally glossy emerald.

Spikes of Iris appear overnight, thrusting inches skyward in a day,

Trailed by grassy velvet strewn across muddy swards of lawn.

Spring’s gentle breath lasts only an instant before succumbing to Summer’s savage blast.

We must enjoy Spring now while her annual ephemeral cycle caresses our psyche.

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