Silver Screen Classic Movie Series continues on Saturday, July 6,  with “Picnic” from 1955. Hunky loser William Holden stumbles into town, hoping for a job, a break, a chance. He unnerves everyone, including Rosalind Russell and Kim Novak. He stays just long enough to upset the rigid social mores of these 1950s Kansans. This movie is shown at noon, 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. in the Beecher Room of the Auburn Library, 350 Nevada St. in Auburn. Presented by the Library, the movie is free. For information, call 530-878-7938 or visit

Everyone in this town is worried. They worry about whether they’re conforming the right way—are the men making enough money? Are the women attractive enough to attract the men who make enough money? What if one is an outsider—does one deserve love then? Should one pay attention to outsiders? What if a woman isn’t married by the time she’s 19 or 20?

In particular, the focus is on happiness, loneliness and sexual attraction. Everyone wants respect, excitement and—most important—someone to take them seriously.

The next Silver Screen presentation, “New” “Old” Movie Marathon, is all day on Saturday, July 13: five different movies, all free. Investigate on

PHOTO ID: Kim Novak and William Holden find solace with each other in “Picnic”. Photo courtesy of RKO Pictures.

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