Hillcrest Mobile Home Park filed suit against Foresthill Utilitiy District on June 17th.

The new lawsuit covers the exact same ground as the ongoing lawsuit initiated by Miner’s Camp over 2 1/2 years ago. Both lawsuits involve the unlawful billing for nonexistent water meters. Hillcrest Mobile Home Park has only two existing water meters supplying the water needs to eighty-one  mobile home sites. Therefore,  it appears FPUD has been unlawfully billing  as though there were eighty-one seperate water meters.

The Directors of FPUD are presently under notice of recall due to the needless cost of litigation in their attempt to fight off Miner’s Camp. The FPUD refuses to disclose the legal costs for their attorneys, however Superior Court Commissioner Michael A. Jacques ruled they must pay $89,000 for the Miner’s Camp attorneys for the work performed through December, 2018. FPUD’s legal costs are anticipated to be much higher. The attorney costs continue to mount as FPUD continues to appeal prior court decisions from both the Superior Court and Supreme Court of California. The legal costs will be passed on to Foresthill rate payers.

In the  July 3rd publication of the Messenger, all five of the FPUD Directors sent in letters claiming they should not be recalled because “...we had made some minor incorrect charges”, and “The reason we have litigation costs is because the litigant brought suit against the FPUD...”, and “This attempt at a recall is being pushed by a select few people....that wish to lower their water bill at the expense of all other District customers.” and that “ We are not here to subsidize one business at the expense of the other community ratepayers.” and “Hence, the legal procedures are continuing to run their course which increases the litigation costs.”, and “The accusations are false.” and in addition, “No one benefits from the ongoing lawsuit except one Foresthill businessowner disputing their water bill.”. These statements were published 17 days after the filing of the Hillcrest Mobile Home Park lawsuit. These statements did not take into account the anticipated unlawful billing of an additional business and the eighty-one families affected.

The Foresthill Messenger has requested comment from FPUD Board President, Neil Cochran and General Manager, Hank White with no response as of publication deadline date.

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