John Peters IV started Foresthill Racing Company back in 2012 as a small motorcycle repair shop. He was raised and schooled on the Divide and met his wife, Madeline at Placer High School. John and his brother spent their childhood riding bicycles, skateboards, and motorcycles all over Foresthill and were at the rivers and lakes in the summer time and playing in the snow in the winter. He grew up swimming in the same pool that his kids now swim in and played little league on the same fields that he now coaches on with his kids are playing on them present day.

John attended Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix, AZ from 2002 to 2004 and graduated as a Certified Harley-Davidson Technician. He worked at Reno Harley Davidson for two years and then Folsom Harley Davidson for four years. His son was born in November 2010 and he took time off work to be with his newborn. John went back to work for a month and in May he broke his arm in a motorcycle race which kept him out of work for another 2 months. Even though he had thought about opening his own shop before, the break from work was the moment it became real. He worked the rest of 2011 at Folsom Harley Davidson and then left to start his own business. Foresthill Racing Company was officially open for business in August of 2012. John continues to repair motorcycles, snowmobiles, personal water craft, dirt bikes and ATV’s.  After 7 years he is proud to say that the business is doing well and out growing his home based shop.

Now things are expanding to new heights, he is currently in the middle of a development project that he is very excited about. He plans to bring an 80 acre campgrounds and motorsport ride park to the Foresthill area. John is still repairing motorcycles and doesn’t have any plans of closing that part of the business. However, he is very passionate about this expansion and that is where he will be focused in the years to come. John reports that “Although I love repairing motorcycles and building things I have aspirations to create a facility that would focus more on the riding and enjoyment of those machines rather than service and repair.” The idea came to him while he was searching for a place to practice speedway racing. He quickly realized that a practice track would be very useful for not only him, but quite a few other riders as well.

So, John, his wife and brother started a search for a piece of property. The search criteria was pretty strict, he needed Foresthill Road frontage as well as close proximity to the O.H.V. trails. After searching county records they found a piece of property that was perfect for their needs. With an introduction and an explanation of what their goals were they were able to negotiate a deal with the property owner and secure the property for the development of the race track.

Once they studied the land, they started to get ideas on what this site was going to be and the immense scale of the whole development. They purchased the 80 acre parcel to use so the project sort of expanded from just one track to around 50 acres of rideable terrain and as many as seven different tracks. They also have a connection from the site to the over 90 mile long United States Forest Service Trail System. So, when they realized that they had all of this to offer with another 30 acres left over, they knew instantly that they needed a place for people to stay onsite. Being in the woods, a large hotel building seemed inappropriate so they decided that camping with both tent and RV sites would be the way to go.

They now had their site and a plan to present to Placer County, thinking it would be a hand shake and a smile and the countywould be just as excited about this project as they were. The county was excited about it however, obstacles popped up that had to be overcome. The property is zoned TPZ which does not carry the allowed land use for motorcycle track riding. They thought “no problem” they would just change the parcel zoning. Unfortunately, TPZ is state mandated and very complicated to rezone. John reports that there are only two ways it can be rezoned: an Immediate Rezone or a 10 year roll out. The 10 year roll out is fairly simple with the only downfall that the new zone district would not take effect until 10 years from the election to roll out of TPZ. The immediate rezone is slightly more complicated, there are findings that need to be made, then it must be approved by Placer County’s Board of Supervisors and then approved by the California Department of Forestry’s Board of Supervisors. Also, if it were to be approved, it carries a very large tax penalty. At this time they learned that one of the allowed uses on TPZ is campgrounds. Finally they got a break, they are able to apply for a minor use permit that would allow development of the campgrounds with no zone change!

They decided that the plan is to attack both goals. They are going to elect for a 10 year roll out with Placer County to start that process and also intend on trying for the immediate rezone once they get the campgrounds open. They are currently in the application process with Placer County for a minor use permit for the development of just the campgrounds. Placer County would like more information which comes down to about $100,000 in additional contracted labor. So funding is the big bridge they now need to cross. The group has a Private Stock Offering available to people that are interested in investing in this project and anyone interested in doing so may contact John at 530-906-1766 or by email

John states that while they have lots of area to ride up here in Foresthill, there are no controlled race tracks for specific “race training” so that is something that he believes would be in high demand. He also thinks that it would provide a positive outlet for the local youth that can sometimes feel “trapped” in Foresthill with nothing to do. He plans that when he has multiple tracks in operation that he will provide employment opportunities for them as well.

So, in the meantime, Foresthill has some of the best trail riding around with 90 miles of US Forest Service maintained trails and a 9 month riding season. The trails are scheduled to be open from April 1st through December 31st every year (weather permitting). So, come take a guided tour with Foresthill Racing Company! Their knowledgeable guides will take you or your group on a day of riding through some of our great mountain terrain. Currently their fleet consists of four Honda CRF230F motorcycles (these are an all around great beginner trail bike), and basic riding gear for four riders. Basic riding gear includes boots, gloves, goggles, knee guards, elbow guards, and a DOT certified helmet. If you don’t have a group of four, no problem, they will take groups of three, two, or even if you are flying solo they will take you out riding!

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