Peggy Wilson

Foresthill pool has ended their season with a well attended 50th anniversary celebration! This party was attended by 250+ guests and over 175 swimmers throughout the day. Many attended for the good eats, an afternoon of swimming, and most importantly the rededication of the Foresthill pool to honor Peggy Wilson alongside her aunt Winnie. Peggy has been a driving force for the pool since it’s early stages of planning and has remained committed through generations of board members. Peggy’s service will be remembered by her family and community.

The dedication project came out quite beautiful thanks to members of the Son’s of the American Leigon. It warmed many hearts to see volunteers working hard everyday, ignoring the heat to ensure the dedication area would be ready for the Anniversary Celebration. This project would not have been possible with out the humble talents and work ethic of Steve Harley. Steve recruited talented volunteers to help with concrete forms and woodwork. Cathy Harley, Rich Corkeran and Kevin Potter joined Steve almost everyday during construction. The efforts of ALL involved have not been overlooked and are very much recognized by the pool board and Wilson family.

This 50 year celebration was indeed made possible through community dedication. Many came hungry and looking for Chef Mondo’s famous Tri-Tip sandwiches...they sure didn’t last long! The Friendship Club, Fabric Friends, Heritage Community Garden, and water aerobics enthusiast helped to ensure this celebration was well stocked to feed a crowd! A very warm thank you goes out to these individuals and groups for their time and enthusiasm to help.

It’s amazing how businesses off the hill support small communities like ours. L & M fencing out of Rio Linda helped us out immensely with rental fencing to give the crew enough workspace while ensuring pool security. Ruhkala Granite created the beautiful plaque that was set into the bench. It reads, “After decades of service and commitment, we dedicate the Forsthill Pool to Peggy Wilson. Thank you for building a legacy. August 25, 2019”

Local businesses were gracious to us as well. That delicious Tri-Tip came from Worton’s Market. As always, Johnny was supportive and accommodating! The beautiful plants were donated and planted by Serenity Gardens Landscaping. It was a joy to work with Sandy and Will! Many trips were made to Grant’s where Rick and Donna happily helped when they could.

Our little community pool has faced many financial challenges just as most businesses do...but the members of our community really take care of the things they care about. Because of this support, families have been able to make memories and enjoy the “refreshing waters” for the last 50 Years, just as Winnie had hoped.

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