Time…flies. It seems just like yesterday that I was introducing myself to the Foresthill community and preparing with teachers and staff for the first day of school. And now…the first third of the school year will be completed on November 7. We, as a team, have learned much together. We, as a team, have accomplished much together. I am now looking forward to our continuous cycle of improvement and achievements for the next third of school.  

District News: In October, I collaborated with community leaders and organizations to discuss the possibility of bringing sports tournaments, races, and appropriate events/festivals to Foresthill as an opportunity to raise funds and highlight all of the wonderful features of Foresthill. I will continue to reach out to the many  Foresthill organizations over the next few months. If you as a community member and/or parent of a student attending Foresthill Divide School (FDS) would like to discuss district or school matters of importance to you, please join us at the Superintendent/Principal Forum on November 14 at 3:00 p.m. at FDS. The next Foresthill Union School District (FUSD) Board meeting will be November 18 (third Monday instead of the second due to Veterans Day) at 6:30 p.m. On the agenda will be discussions regarding the possible establishment of a Foundation to provide the district with additional fiscal and public relations support. Please note that all Board meetings will now be held at Foresthill Divide School (FDS) in the Science room instead of Foresthill Elementary School (FES).  

School News: During the month of October, FDS encountered seven Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) days. Due to strong safety concerns, FDS was not open for the first three PSPS days. With the lessons learned from our September 25 PSPS day along with much planning and preparation on operating a school without power, FDS was able to remain open for the final four PSPS days. During the course of the school year, FDS has acquired additional generators (we now have six), significant quantities of battery-operated light devices, and 100 hand warmer packets for emergencies. We have increased our level of preparation and have begun planning for our mid-term and long-term power plans for FDS. On a happy ending note, we had a fabulous Harvest Festival sponsored by our ever supportive and energetic Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) on October 25th. The amount of effort and care provided by PTO and staff clearly showed during the event. The Harvest Festival had an abundance of wonderful activities enjoyed by our students that lead to a bounty of smiles on the faces of our children and families alike.

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