The Foresthill Public Utility District (FPUD) is seeking volunteers to participate on the Water Rate Study Community Advisory Committee.  Committee members will represent the Foresthill Community’s interests and will provide advice and opinions to the Rate Study Consultants preparing the next Water Rate Study for Foresthill’s Public Utility District’s customers.  The new rate structure is intended to cover the costs of operating your water district for the next five-years as of 2020.

Quick Facts: Specific meeting dates will be determined after the Committee members are selected.  The District will attempt to schedule Committee meetings at convenient times that will accommodate the group’s schedule (daytime, nighttime or weekends).  Below is a general timeframe for the three Committee meetings:

Week of September 18: Committee’s first introductory meeting.  The Rate Study Consultant will not attend.  This meeting is intended for participants to comment and express Community interests.  The group will review the Prop. 218 process and complete a tour of the water system.  For the tour, we suggest that participants wear comfortable walking shoes and a hat and bring water bottles for staying hydrated.  Carpooling is encouraged as transportation will not be provided.  

Week of October 7: Committee’s first meeting with the Rate Study Consultant.  

Week of October 21: Committee’s second meeting with the Consultant.  At this meeting the Committee will zero in on a final rate structure proposal to recommend to the Foresthill Community and Foresthill Public Utility District Board.

If you would like to volunteer for the Water Rate Study Community Advisory Committee, please submit your application by September 6, 2019 to the District Office at 24540 Main Street, Foresthill, CA  95631 or send by mail to P. O. Box 266, Foresthill, CA  95631.  The application form is available by contacting the FPUD District Office at (530) 367-2511.  You may also download and print the application at our website:  Thank You!

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