Obituraries of True Love.

Mrs. Judith Ann Ford, 71, resident of Foresthill, passed away the morning of March 12th, 2019.

She was born On November 2st, 1947, in Sacramento, Califronia. Judith was a daughter of Ralph Williams and mother Melba Williams(Owens). She has two sibings, Edward Williams and Vicki. Judith grew up in Lincoln, California and graduated from Lincoln High School. She worked in the medical field as a caregiver for the past twenty years. Judith and John Ford raised six children: Danny Herrera, Anthony Ford, Annette Ford, Casey Ford, John Edward Ford, John Varnum and many grandchildren, and many more over the years.

Mr. John Edward Ford, 72, resident of Foresthill, passed away the afternoon of April 7th 2019.

John was born in Alameda, California. He was the son of Edsel Ford and Jane Marie Stephens (Muoio). He has a brother, Edsel Ford, Jr. and a sister, Beverly Hayes (Ford). John grew up in Oakland & Marysville, California. John is a man of many trades. John went into the Army (Air Borne). He became a succesful paralegal, a tree arborist and a business man. John has had his Tree Service for the past fifty years, supporting numerous people from family, to friends, to picking someone up off the side of the road, giving them a hand. John and Judith raised their children John Varnum, Annette Ford, John Ford Jr., Casey Ford, Anthony Ford, Danny Herrera and Harley Boy and many grandchildren along with anyone that needed a helping hand.

John and Judy’s love was so strong that John's heart could not make it with out his Girl Judy.

John and Judith met in Lincoln in the late 1970’s and married on October 17th, 1993. They lived in Rio Linda to Sacramento eventually making a famly home in Foresthill where all the children, grandchildren and neices, nephews and many more call their home. John and Judith were both involved in all the grandchildren lives, making camping trips every summer for the kids and friends. They were devoted parents and friends. Never did they let anyone go hungry, you could always count on them. Judith loved camping, crystal digging, her children and grandchildren and to everyone she was just an outgoing loving soul. She would do absolutely anything for anyone at any time. John loved hunting, fishing collecting coins, camping and his children and grandchildren. John always worked hard to provide for his family. John & Judy loved so many, did so much for people, that we are all lost without our Super- Heroes!

To our family: Remember to Forgive, Love, and Cherish the moments at all times! Not to judge one another! Be who you are, don’t be like all these other people! We are all fighters and we need to stick together as family should!

The celebration of life for Mr. & Mrs. Ford was held June 2nd at 1 o’clock in the Foreshill Memorial Hall.

We were able to share some special memories.

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