Erik Lysen, a Boy Scout from Foresthill Troop #26 has greatly distinguished himself.

 Over the past two years he has worked non-stop on completing his Eagle Scout Project. When he first started this project back in January of 2016, he had one intention, to create a project that would better the Foresthill community. Erik met with many people all around Foresthill to see what our community needed. One of ideas that was proposed really caught his eye. A monument sign to replace the many banners along the road for public service announcements. A sign that could quickly be changed to announce public safety issues in a timely manner.

 He decided to make this idea a reality and in order to make this a reality he needed the help of our local County Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery. Mrs. Montgomery gave Erik valuable guidance on the Placer County permit process. He worked with local organizations such as the Lions Club, American Legion and the Volunteer Fire Association to collect enough funds to make this project a reality.

In April of 2018 Erik first broke ground. With a donation from Grants Hardware of their tractor and help from our local contractors, Jerry Ford and Oscar David, they dug and leveled the spot for the foundation. Once the foundation settled with the help from his fellow Troop 26, Heath Cantrell, Aaron Grandy, Chris Carveth, Leif Lysen and Heidi Lysen, they built a frame for the LED sign with CMU blocks. This was a tedious task, but it had to be done.

While the mortar was setting, Erik was able to get a donation from Peter Fabian of a locally milled large piece of pine for the top of the monument. The wood was professionally engraved by Whitley and Sons Custom Signs. With help from Peter Fabian, Erik was able to paint and stain the sign. The next step was collecting river rock from Roberson Sand and Gravel and his mother’s yard. He started putting the rocks up on the frame. This ended up being the hardest of all tasks because they had to move at a very slow pace due to the weight of the rocks. After long days of placing rocks, they finally finished. With the hard part out of the way, both signs were secured to the rock frame with steel brackets provided by Steve Knudsvig and JD2 Inc.

Then the task of setting up the new flag pole and getting power to the light was begun. Last but not least, the rocks were treated with a finish coat to protect them from water to give them a nice wet look. Erik’s sincere hope is that this sign will help the community for many years to come.

The Foresthill community congratulates Erik on achieving Eagle Scout distinction.

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