Friday, March 2nd, at the Foresthill Divide School, was Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. To celebrate, the school held a very special assembly, sponsored by the Foresthill Lions Club, and ten lucky students won a Kindle Fire Tablet!

In the Fall of 2017, the Lions approached Principal Rebecca Kattenhorn and explained the Lions Reading Action Program to her. All the students had to do was read books to win a Kindle. After conferring with her staff, the teachers thought it was a great idea. They decided to conduct the program in February, 2018.

During the month, the students from K-8th, including Special Ed., read as many books as they could. For each book read, they received a raffle ticket to win a 7” Fire Tablet. The kids were very excited. After more than two years of attempting to organize the reading program with FDS, Lions were thrilled to do something special for the children in the community.

The raffle tickets were collected by grade level, and one Kindle was awarded to a lucky student from each class. The assembly sat quietly waiting in anticipation for their names to be called, and then cheered for the winners. An amazing total of 376 books were read by the participants.

Pictured are the winners, Principal Rebecca, along with the Lions who cheered them on. Malachi Jennings (K), Dina Durham (1), Caleb Anderson (2), Elexis Bellotti (3), Jonas Peoples (4), Damian Napoles (5), Logan Parks (Special Ed.), Ruby Lindstat (6), Montana Medlin (7), Leah Marinelli (2).

The Lions who participated were: President Helene Smith, Harlan Hamburger, Larry and Carol Jordan, Carolyn and Dave Phillips and Mickey Owen, Thank you Lions, for coming out and supporting the students.

Lions wish to congratulate the students for their excellent work in celebrating Read Across America Day. We look forward to working with the Foresthill Divide School on this fun reading project again next year.

And, oh yes, Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

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