Hillcrest MHP is an 81-space all-ages manufactured home community in Foresthill providing some of the most affordable housing options for homeowners in the Foresthill area.

The property includes a seasonal pool, laundry facilities, mature tree canopy, open green space, onsite management and maintenance staff, and a pet-friendly environment.

Monolith Properties, a Sacramento firm specializing in the operations of manufactured housing communities, took over management earlier this year when ownership of the property changed in May and the new owner hired Monolith Properties to continue managing the community.

Coincidentally the state of California (HCD) recently began a months-long inspection of the property and each house and lot within the community to ensure compliance with state laws, including state health and safety codes. The results of the state’s inspection process will be to have an even cleaner and safer community once completed in the coming months.

This state inspection along with recently updated community rules and regulations and an influx of invested capital by the new owner allows for the continued clean up and improvement of the community.

Monolith Properties is dedicated to the fair and consistent enforcement of rules and regulations for the collective benefit of the neighborhood’s aesthetic, residents’ home values, the park owner’s property value, and the peaceful enjoyment of the entire community.

Plans for the community include upgrades to park infrastructure, further investment in repairs and maintenance, and new manufactured homes to fill vacant spaces.

“Our team is proud to have taken over management of Hillcrest Mobile Home Park and excited to offer homeowners attractive housing options, in pet-friendly environments, with desirable benefits and amenities like a pool, laundry facilities, mature tree canopy, green spaces, onsite staff, and easy access to town. Hillcrest MHP is a welcoming community for homeowners of all ages wishing to live the American dream in the beautiful Foresthill area” said Andy Carey the CEO of Monolith Properties.

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