Cathy Thorne

Cathy Thorne - Hostess and Hat contest winner - Most Creative

The Pool’s first fundraiser for 2018 was the Mad Hatter Tea Party. This by far was the most successful tea party the pool has seen with profits of just over $3,000. The success for this event is greatly because of our enthusiastic hostesses, Laura Lysen, Denise Fleming, Lucinda Camp, Candie Stewart, Rochel Howe, Janeal Light, Jennifer Vigarino, Cathy Thorne, Shirley Fredrickson and their guests. Raffle prizes were donated by K. Lynn Deisgns, Micky’s Boots, Terry Huebner, Naturally Mine, Juice Plus (Bryony Brown) R+F (Heidi Matcham) as well as generous pool enthusiasts. Next year should be just as “Mad!”

The Foresthill Pool’s volunteers have been working hard putting together fundraisers and spreading the word regarding the dire need for financial help to get the pool ready for Summer 2018. Their hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. THANK YOU. The ultimate goal is to obtain $61,500 for the mandatory relining of the pool. Between business/personal donations via check, GoFundMe, Facebook and fundraising approximately $30,000 has been accumulated. These donations are appreciated no matter how big or small. Never hesitate to ask for a donation receipt.

The Foresthill Lion’s Club invited Foresthill Pool to serve at their annual Seafood O Rama. Pool volunteers showed up, served guests with a smile and were awarded with very generous tips. The Lion’s Club made a donation of $300, brining the nights total earnings up to $2,650! Thank you Lion’s Club and guests- it’s always a pleasure to serve you!

You may notice change collectors at Dollar General, Sierra Mini Mart, Foresthill Racing Co, Grant’s Hardware, and Valero. Every penny does count. Over the course of 2 weeks $116 in cash and change were collected. WOW shoppers! Thank YOU! A big thanks to the stores for allowing our donation boxes to hang out on the counters. We will begin keeping track of which store collects the most donations! Who will “win?”

Board members attended the February Foresthill Forum meeting and had the opportunity to share the financial situation due to the necessary construction with forum members as well as Jennifer Montgomery’s assistant. A plea was offered to forum members to help get financial assistance from Placer County. During this time members of the community were able to express their concern during Public Comment and share their appreciation and need for Foresthill to continue to have a pool.

A few days after the meeting, board members were able to meet with Jennifer Montgomery in person to create a plan in hopes to receive some assistance from the county. This will be a long process, but board members are hopeful and intend to persevere so that some of this financial burden is relieved from the community. After the same Forum meeting, Pool Board members were invited to attend the Foresthill Volunteer Fire Association (a 501c3 non-profit organization) to present the $61k, liner bid and ask for a donation. After very little discussion, the Volunteer Fire Association voted to gift the Pool $5000. These monies are in no relation to tax payer money, but come from their own fundraising events such as the Fireman’s Garage Sale. A large portion of their fund is available to go back into the community. Thank you Foresthill Volunteer Fire Association for considering the Foresthill Pool to be an asset important enough for this generous donation. Thank you Foresthill for donating your used items to be sold at this garage sale!

A final thanks is given to the friends and sweet family of Doy Ray Wilson. After his passing, his family asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Foresthill Pool. The Wilson family has been and continue to be a crucial support system of the pool for as long as it’s existed. We are grateful to the Wilson family and their desire to see the Foresthill Pool continue to serve the community.

There are many ways to get more information and news on upcoming events, such as the Annual Irish Feast, Saturday March 10th. Feel free to visit our website, email us at, check out our Facebook Page or call Bree at (530)320-6860.

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