It was over 40 years ago when Alice Cruess struggled with finding an idea in order to raise money for the Foresthill Volunteer Firemen’s Association. After much thought, Alice finally got it – a Foresthill Community Garage Sale!

It all started when Alice moved to Todd Valley around 1968, living in one of the first cabins built in the green foothills. She recalls about 190 people lived on the Divide when she moved here. At the time there was no Fire Station and the Foresthill Volunteer Firemen’s Association looked after the welfare of the community. They needed monetary support for supplies, upkeep and expenses, so Alice and a few volunteers went house to house picking up items that could be refurbished and sold at their very first Foresthill Garage Sale. This first community garage sale brought in $500 total for the good of the Foresthill Volunteer Firemen’s Association. Alice’s last year of organizing the garage sale was in 1992 when the proceeds of the sale reached $11,000. Alice had passed the baton to other Foresthill community volunteers and she states that she created seven children, thirty great-grandchildren and an everlasting community garage sale. What a rewarding life!

Since Alice’s “retirement” from the garage sale, the endeavor continued in very capable volunteer hands. The last 20 years has been organized by Walt Reed and a huge contingency of local volunteers. Last year, the garage sale proceeds reached $50,000 allowing the Foresthill Volunteer Firemen’s Association to support The Foresthill Fire Department training needs as well as supporting our schools and many community needs and events.

This year the Foresthill Annual Garage Sale will be held on August 3rd & 4th. The doors open at 8:00am both days. The many volunteers have checked over every donation, refurbishing as necessary. There are many kid’s toys and bikes, clothes, furniture, purses, linens, sewing patterns, shoes, camping gear, tools, small appliances, books, and about everything else you could imagine including the proverbial kitchen sink. The very last day for donations is July 27th.

Come hungry for the Foresthill Volunteer Firemen’s Association will be barbequing delicious Tri-Tip Sandwiches, Hot Dogs & Hamburgers, along with popcorn, shaved ice and beverages. You will find them across the street from the main yard, located at the Fire Station. Please review the Messenger article on page 3 to learn more about the three locations sales will be taking place.

The Foresthill Volunteer Firemen’s Association and all of the volunteers wish to thank Fred Wechsler Construction for the wood and saw horses for the displays, Raley’s for the dozens of banana boxes and Dollar General for miscellaneous supplies.

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