Fourth of July celebrations may be fun for humans – but the pop, crackle and boom of fireworks can be terrifying for your pets. The Placer SPCA would like to remind all pet owners of the following tips to ensure that the holiday is fun and safe for all.

•  Keep your pets inside where it is quiet.  Loud noises scare animals, and dogs and cats fearful of these noises can attempt to make an escape – which could result in panicked dogs and cats becoming disoriented and lost.

Keep your pets indoors and in a quiet room – especially in the evening and for several days before and after the holiday. You may choose to drown out the celebrations with low background noise such as a fan or calm music. Let your pet enjoy independence from stress and fear by keeping their environment calm and quiet.

 “We suggest that pets be kept in a quiet, familiar room in your home any time loud noises are nearby,” says Leilani Fratis, Placer SPCA CEO. “Even a very mellow animal may panic and try to dart out the door if he or she is scared by fireworks booming.”

•  Make it possible to find your pet. If your pet does get lost, a tag and microchip may make the difference in getting him or her back home. The Placer SPCA is offering microchip implants during regular business hours for only $10 (regularly $25) through July 3rd. About the size of a grain of rice, the microchip contains a code that a shelter or veterinarian can scan to obtain a pet owner’s name from a national database maintained by the manufacturer. If your pet already has a microchip, please be sure to keep your contact information current. If you don’t know the manufacturer information, stop by the Placer SPCA for a free scan.


Since 1973, the Placer SPCA has been dedicated to facilitating the humane treatment of animals in Placer County as well as a safer, healthier community overall. This non-profit organization houses up to 4,000 animals each year, and includes an education room and treatment rooms for sick and injured animals. Other services provided by the Placer SPCA include adoption counseling, spay/neuter assistance and education, pet lost and found, humane education, collaborative rescue efforts, foster care, mobile adoption, behavior modification counseling and training, and volunteer opportunities. The Placer SPCA is not affiliated with any other entity and does not receive funding from the ASPCA or HSUS. For more information, visit

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