When I first came to this beautiful and wonderful place we know as Foresthill,  Forest Hill to those in the know,  I knew there was something wrong. “A disturbance in the Force “, if you will.  I would, on occasion, set something down and find it was missing.  A few years back I bought two new Stihl chain saws for the landing.  The skidder operator drove over both of them on the same day, swears he did not leave them out in the open.  I have had things moved around to places I know darn well I did not leave them.  Up until now I just passed this off as senility, stupidity or just growing old.     

Recently things have progressed.  This “disturbance” seems to be gaining in strength, causing further bewilderment.  I have found myself walking into a room or the shop with no recollection as to what I was after.  I will have a nut in my hand, when I go to put it on the bolt…it’s gone.  Just the other day, Carol found me staring in the refrigerator, I had no idea what I was after.  So, it appears this “disturbance” has added mind control or lack of control, to the physical movement of objects.

While driving down Happy Pines Drive, there was the answer.  South of Cold Springs on the left hand side of the road. A whole colony of them…Hobbits.  These brazen critters have turned old stumps into a regular village, complete with dwellings, bridges for the creek even pet Canada Geese.  If you don’t believe me, take a look. While you are at it, stop and say Hi to Jarvis who seems to know all about Hobbits.  In the meantime, watch your stuff and hold onto your sanity.

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