Mr. Speaker:

Three trillion dollars divided by 129 million households means the average family will have to pay more than $23,000 for this single bill either from their future taxes or from inflation robbing them of their savings and retirements.

When we passed the last bill, I warned it was no substitute for restoring our nation’s commerce immediately, for a simple reason.  The federal government does not finance the economy – the economy finances the government.  Government cannot put a single dollar into the economy that it has not first taken out of the same economy.

The wholesale lockdown of the American people and the deliberate decimation of their livelihoods has been the single most self-destructive folly in our nation’s history.  These Draconian measures have proven much LESS effective at stopping the virus than we were assured -- but have been much MORE effective at destroying the jobs that people rely upon to feed their families.

We have had enough.  Democrats, don’t take away our future -- give us back our country.

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