Many in the Foresthill community who are receiving water service from the Foresthill Public Utility District have vehemently criticised the District  for the price of water and how the District conducts business. Complaints have been lodged over the charging for “phantom meters”,  which increases the water bills to mobile home park residents, granny flats, some businesses, as well as others.  The Foresthill Public Utility District continues their court battles in respect to their violations of Proposition 218 which is proving to be extremely costly and will eventually be paid for by  you, the rate payer.  

Now is the time to share your needs, thoughts and concerns with the Foresthill Community Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee has scheduled two community meetings, the first of which will be held  October 16, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.  The meeting will take place at the Foresthill Fire Protection District Office, in the back meeting room, 24320 Main St.  

So, get off your bottom, maybe miss a television show, and voice your opinion on how  the FPUD can do a better job abiding to the law and following Proposition 218. If you don’t show for the meeting you have no room for future complaints.

As part of the Foresthill PUD’s current Water Rate Study being prepared by HF&H Consultants, the Community Advisory Committee has been appointed to provide advice and concerns related to the Study. The committee will report its findings to the FPUD Directors in early November.  The Advisory Committee is committed to presenting as many of the community’s concerns and ideas as possible in their final report, so your input is essential.

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