Does the title scare you, just a little bit?  Please keep reading, this column is meant for you.  

Maybe even the onset of the resolution-making time of year has you a little on edge.  You’ve been there before, set goals to lose weight, get fit, stop procrastinating, but didn’t see it through for one reason or another.  This most likely confirmed feelings of low self-worth and self-acceptance.  

Well, how about this time you deal with those feelings, since they are likely the reason previous resolutions and goals have gone unfulfilled.  And, how about you go through this journey with other people struggling with the same issues, in a safe environment (your own home) and easy to follow format?  In fact, I am looking for a few people to go through this journey with me.  Together we can work on releasing heart-wounds to free our spirits and live an authentic life.

The 5-week exercise is laid out in the book, “I Am Worthy”, by Desiree Mangandog, L.Ac.  I had the pleasure of seeing her speak recently, and was so impressed with her I bought her book.  But, I have not gone through the process yet, the time never seemed right, if you know what I mean.  But the time will never be right, so I am just going to set one.  This January, I am inviting you to come on it with me.  

Ms. Mangandog is trained in Chinese Medicine and essential oils, and has found her training and the tools of the oils to be particularly helpful in getting people through tough issues.  The format is laid out in a week-by-week workbook-like series of exercises, which includes the topics “Clear the Noise”, “Replenish”, “Uncover the Shame”, “Pull the Roots”, and “Forgiveness”.  Here is a quote from the conclusion:  “Worthlessness is a barrier to greatness.  Thankfully, we have tools like essential oils to remove these barriers.”

It would involve getting her book (not pricey) and some essential oils designed to guide us through each topic.  You could either get the oils yourself, through me at wholesale cost, or have me make the rollerballs and diffuser blends for you.  Essential oils are a powerful and potent tool for initiating energy shifts in the body, which affects how our cells function.  According to Tony Robbins, “Emotions = energy in motion”.  Contact me and we can discuss what would work best.  Let’s do this, because you are worth it!

Paula is a wellness advocate for doTERRA.  You can contact her at, (530) 863-0190, or find her oil-infused products at Z’s Boardwalk Boutique.

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