You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get inside when someone sincerely thanks you for something you’ve done for them? You aren’t the only one who feels that way. Imagine how amazing it would feel to know you’ve given someone else that warm and fuzzy feeling because you’ve thanked them. As humans we appreciate being appreciated! Saying ‘thank you’ openly and honestly can not only make you a happier person, it can make you a healthier and more energetic person. So the next time someone does something for you — big or small — take a moment to thank them. Here are four easy, but important steps to remember:

1.) Smile and make eye contact. If you’re saying “thank you” in person, remember to smile and make eye contact with the person whom you’re thanking. These small gestures add a massive amount of sincerity to the “thank you.”

2.) Keep it simple. Showing your gratitude to someone else is awesome. Gushing over them and falling all over yourself to say “thank you” is overdoing it, and could end up embarrassing the person you’re trying to thank. Keep your gratitude simple, to the point and pleasant.

3.) Be sincere in your thanks. You should be thanking someone because you honestly and sincerely are grateful for something they did. You shouldn’t be thanking someone because you were told to do it, or because you felt it was somehow required. Insincere gratitude can be very obvious and could be unappreciated.

4.) Write a thank you note or card. There are certain situations that require more than just an in-person “thank you,” such as being treated to dinner, being giving a present, etc. When these situations occur, a written “thank you” is vital. Whoever treated you to this extra-special kindness deserves the same in return, and writing a “thank you” note or card is the best way to show how much you really do appreciate what they did!

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Submitted by Marjene Streeper

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