Please don’t overreact, consider the impact this action will have on the community and your Water District.

I have not failed to uphold the best interest of all ratepayers. I have not conspired to ignore the decisions of the Court. It troubles me that this has come about.

Miners Camp demanded a discount on rates to the exclusion of single residence ratepayers.

They sued the FPUD. The Court judged and we agreed the charges did include fees for meter maintenance and accounting, although minor. We eliminated those charges. We refunded the money. We abandoned that rate structure. We hired a consultant to create a new rate structure.

The real question is why Miner’s Camp, did not file a motion to bring the issue before the Court to determine the restitution. Hence, the legal procedures are continuing to run their course which increases the litigation costs.

And it’s the FPUD who will be required to pay for a recall.

Linda Cholcher, FPUD Director

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