The Messenger recently published an article under the View by an apologist for the communist regime in China.  This article was full of communist Chinese talking points about racism and “finger pointing” (who else to point to).

The Chinese communists have covered up and lied about the Covid-19 virus from the beginning, with the cooperation of the WHO.   It’s true American businesses Google, Adidas, Nike, Microsoft, and the NBA among them have used the slave labor in China to increase their profits.  He should address those problems to billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates; and to politicians like Joe Biden who, in addition to apologizing for China, slammed the President for “jumping the gun” and being “xenophobic” for stopping travel from China. Trump wisely stopped travel from China on January 29th, when the majority opinion was to let travel continue.

The left, such as Mr. Hack, forget about Pelosi, Cuomo and de Blasio urging the public to carry on normally, i.e.,” Go to the theater”…“Go out do dinner”.  Governor Cuomo required nursing homes to admit Covid-19 patients when there were available beds on the Navy hospital ship Comfort, and in the Javits Center. Mr. Hack should review the numbers for cases and deaths in New York long term care facilities due to this nonsensical decision.  He should place the blame where it lies.

It’s ridiculous to blame this country for China’s problems.  It is an oppressive communist regime that murdered tens of millions of its people under Mao.  They don’t appear to care about their people and that they have to work for cheap wages while the elite get rich.

John Loftus

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