As Superintendent/Principal, I mentioned in last month’s article that Foresthill Divide School (FDS) had a smooth and successful first day on August 15. And now, by the time you receive this Messenger, FDS will be in the middle of parent conference week. Much has happened (and quickly) in my short tenure to date of only three months.

 District News: In September, after the Foresthill Union School District (FUSD) Board meeting, I was able to drop by the Foresthill Forum meeting to provide a quick update on the district. Foresthill Forum will now have FUSD as a regular agenda item, and I am very appreciative of this venue as an opportunity to personally provide monthly updates to the community regarding district and school matters. On the 16th, Foresthill Community Development Council (FCDC) graciously welcomed me to their evening Board meeting and afforded over 30 minutes of time for discussions regarding district-community relations. The district and community are truly inter-related and inter-dependent. Foresthill Community Development Council does many wonderful things for the community and have other grand plans for the future as well. It is my intention to stay active with FCDC. I look forward to other residents, businesses, and community organizations also joining me to work with FCDC to serve in the best interest of the Foresthill community. More information can be found at their website: I continue to look forward to meeting many more Foresthill organizations over the next few months. If your organization is interested in meeting me or learning more about the district, please reach out, and I will attend your meeting. Please note that the next FUSD Board meeting will be held at Foresthill Elementary School (FES) on October 14 at 6:30p.  

School News: FDS is fully into the routine of the school year. As our extremely caring and dedicated teachers and staff continue to build relationships and educate our children, safety has remained our top priority. We have and will continue throughout the school year to receive various types of training, conduct campus safety drills, and improve safety procedures. Though we have accomplished much to date, there is still much more to do. The burglar alarm for FDS (at the time of this writing) is scheduled to be installed on September 28. An important school committee in providing collaboration and guidance to ensure the well being of our students is the Health and Safety committee. This dedicated and fully informed group comprised of parents, staff, and safety organizations have met numerous times for committee and sub-committee meetings. I have received the committee’s health and safety recommendations. It will be the basis for my presentation to the Board at our next meeting on October 14. Safety matters presented at the Board meeting will include security cameras (outside only), front gates, perimeter fencing for full campus enclosure, and student drop-off/pick-up. I encourage and welcome all those interested and concerned about FDS safety to stay informed and provide input at the meeting.   

Thank you.

Jack L. Kraemer


Foresthill Union School District

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