It was a pleasure to be able to introduce myself and express my gratitude to the Foresthill Community in the July 3rd edition of the Messenger. I am now grateful that the Messenger has extended an offer to allow me to communicate and inform the community regarding district and school matters in the first edition of each month.  

Over the course of the past month, district and site staff have been hard at work to ensure the smooth and successful opening of the first day of school. The campus has been buzzing and alive with activity as some teachers have already arrived on campus before the end of their official summer break to ready classrooms and prepare for the arrival of students.

District News: District staff moved and consolidated at FDS on July 29th. The consolidation will enable both district and site staff to work together more cohesively and effectively. Additionally, we can now offer one central location to provide excellent customer service to our students, families, and staff. FUSD hosted a Health and Safety Forum on July 25th that was well attended by 20 people and included participants from law enforcement, fire services, families, FHS, and staff.

School News: As mentioned earlier, some teachers have been working on campus prior to their contracted return date of August 12th for our pre-service time to collaborate, learn, and prepare together for the new school year. I am certainly excited and looking forward to finally meeting our staff in its entirety. At the Health and Safety Forum, a parent volunteered to chair the FDS Health and Safety Committee. She is a strong advocate for school safety, and I am thrilled with her enthusiasm and involvement. Our first committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for the week of August 19 to discuss campus security including the possibility of gate closures during non-school hours, adding perimeter fencing in the front of the school, and outside security cameras. We welcome everyone’s input and will provide a confirmed meeting date soon. In order to best consistently serve our families, I am very pleased to announce that the Kids Club schedule for the new school year has been finalized and that closure of the program is no longer dependent upon enrollment minimums. In general, Kids Club will only be closed  for the major holidays plus the day after Thanksgiving, the day before Christmas, and early dismissal on New Years Eve day.       

In addition to working on school related items, I have been shown great hospitality and reception from our community organizations. The Lions on July 16th provided me with a wonderful meal, warm welcome, and an opportunity to introduce myself to the members. On July 26th I was able to witness firsthand the amazing community spirit and giving nature of Foresthill. I was informed of the fundraiser by a dedicated staff member who after putting in a long day of work in hot weather for the school was leaving immediately after his shift to volunteer his time and services at a fundraiser to help out a long time resident and former district employee in need. I was touched by his generosity and knew I had to drop by even though I could only stay for a limited amount of time. It was terrific to see the fundraiser well attended even before the official start time of the event. Well done, Foresthill…well done. I am now looking forward to meeting more members of the community including my stop with the Chamber of Commerce on August 15th. I feel truly blessed to be the “new kid” in the community.   

In closing and as a reminder, Foresthill Divide School is still accepting new students. Some of the terrific reasons for attending FDS include high quality and caring teachers, before and after school programs, tutoring, numerous sports choices, new playground, multitude of social activities, and transportation.

 Please inquire with the district office about special incentives (back to school clothes gift card, supplies, and spirit wear) for new 4th and 5th grade students.    

The first day of school is Thursday, August 15…I can’t wait!

Thank you.

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