Thank you to all that attended the Town Hall with California State Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara last Wednesday evening in Auburn. It was a huge turnout and I appreciated the thoughtful questions from many of you. Commissioner Lara and his staff outlined how they will continue to address the issues surrounding insurance non-renewal that so many Placer County residents are facing. I can promise you that I, along with my fellow Supervisors, will continue to do all that we can as well. If you were unable to make the Town Hall meeting on August 28, you can watch the video HERE.

Placer County is also working with Commissioner Lara's office to hold another Town Hall on the eastern side of Placer County. We will provide more details as they become available

If you receive a non-renewal notice or have issues with your homeowners insurance, please call Commissioner Lara's office 800-927-4357 so they can continue to document the extent of the problem. You can also visit Commissioner Lara's page on Top Ten Tips For Finding Residential Insurance.

I also want to thank those of you who took the time to fill out the survey on fire insurance. More than 2,100 Placer County residents responded to the survey and your answers have helped the county in our ongoing discussions on this issue with other leaders. If you'd like to see the results from this survey, you can find them HERE.

Both fire insurance and housing were topics discussed with the weekly Auburn Real Estate Agents meeting that I attended last week.   They, like many groups, are very concerned with the lack of available and affordable housing. I greatly appreciate the insights and suggestions for solutions offered. With me pictured at left is Colleen Conley from their group.

As evidence of Placer County’s focus on housing, at our August 27, 2019 meeting, the Board of Supervisors approved a series of initiatives aimed at kick-starting the building of more affordable homes throughout the county. We also directed staff to develop two new private housing trusts, one for the west-side of the county and one for the east-slope. Used in other areas of the State, these trusts would encourage more non-governmental sources to help close the funding gap in affordability.

 Senator Diane Feinstein and Supervisor Gustafson at the Tahoe Summit luncheon

I attended the 23rd Annual Lake Tahoe Summit hosted by Senator Feinstein on August 20. This convening of Federal, State and local officials encourages collaborative bi-partisan, bi-state actions to address environmental challenges. Senator Feinstein focused this year’s program specifically on climate change, forest health, and sustainability. Governor Sisolak of Nevada joined California’s Governor Newsom in supporting efforts to address environmental challenges. Congressman Tom McClintock spoke specifically about changing regulations that have made the forests more susceptible to wildfire.

Beyond impacting Lake Tahoe, all of the officials expressed the desire to make these efforts applicable to other areas of the two states.   As Governor Newsom stated “this place is a proxy for all our efforts.” Also in attendance and pictured with me left is State Senator Brian Dahle.

Thank you again for taking the time to connect with me this month.

Coffee Chats

Supervisor Gustafson will continue to offer informal coffee gatherings throughout the 5th District.  ALL coffees below are from 9-10:30 a.m.

SEPTEMBER 19 in Colfax:  Colfax Library, 10 West Church Street

SEPTEMBER 26 in Foresthill: Foresthill Veterans Memorial Hall, 24601 Harrison Street

SEPTEMBER 30 in Tahoe: Location TBD

OCTOBER 1 in Auburn: Baked and Brewed, 958 Lincoln Way

Please let us know if you have suggestions for different scheduling times and locations!

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