Where do you suppose all the money came from to support measure F signs that you see all over the place? You, the tax payer. You don't have to take my word for it though, call Mr. Kipp at the Placer County Elections Office. Here is his number: 530-886-5665. On 6-29-18, the Foresthill Volunteer Fire Assn. asked for and received $5,000 to support Measure F. Who knew you could even ask for support money one way or another. I think it's very underhanded to use our money to raise property tax. If our firemen are not happy working on the divide, then it's time for them to find better employment elsewhere, even if it's off the hill. We have all been in those shoes. It's called life. Sometimes better employment is elsewhere. Most of us have done that our whole working careers. I have never seen such an bunch of disgruntled board members in my life. I think it's time for Placer County to take over, that's what's going to happen anyway in the future. I urge a NO vote, control your property tax. Thank you.

Wade Webb

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