The Foresthill Wildfires boy’s basketball team ended their season with a playoff loss at Faith Christian. The Wildfires finished in third place in league with a 5-5 league record. It was an up and down season for the team including one very tough stretch (13 straight losses) during December and early January. The team was young and it took some time to adapt to the varsity level. Ben Holbrook, the only returning player from last year’s team, did a great job of helping the young guys and being a leader throughout the season. Most nights he was the best defender whether he was guarding someone bigger inside or a quicker wing on the perimeter. "He held the MVP of our league to 10 points even though he gave up several inches, it was a remarkable performance," Coach Kuykendall said.

They never gave up, no matter what the situation. They started 0-2 in league and kept working hard, were down double digits in the 4th quarter against Woodland Christian and found a way to come back and win. All season they never stopped working. Justin Leyba (sophomore) mostly handled the point guard role and the pressure of having the ball in his hands and getting the offense set up. Hunter Williams (sophomore) was our energy guy and won two games for us at the buzzer. Juniors Thomas Patterson, Mitch Henry, Matthew Grant, and Randy Davis all took their turns of having big games. While mid season call-up Elias Estrada settled in and contributed in several games including a couple of very athletic finishes. The surprise of the season may have been freshman Jaycie Zapata who led the team in scoring and had several games where he hit multiple 3's.

The Wildfires expect to return 8 players next season and have higher expectations with them.

On the 2016-17 season Coach Kuykendall had this to say: "We had more growing pains than we wanted but I couldn't be more proud of how each player handled the adversity. It would have been very easy for them to give up on the season but I don't think it crossed their mind. A lot of valuable experience for the younger players including the playoff berth. I look forward to seeing those guys continue to grow up both on and off the court and I can't say enough good things about Ben. Four years ago he could barely dribble a ball and this season he contributed in so many ways."

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