Foresthill took down Carmichael’s Victory Christian with a score of (Foresthill) 301 and (Victory Christian) 324 in a match played on Thursday March 23rd at the Wildfire’s home course Black Oak GC in Auburn. Wildfire scores: Erik Lysen 54, Sam Gilbert 55, Daniel La Porte 59, Josh Tkachuk 62, Ryan Brewer 71, Josh Vanderford 72.

They then pulled off another win at Black Oak GC on March 28th against Forest Lake Christian. The final score was Wildfires 310 and Forest Lake 320. Players scores were: Sam Gilbert 49, Erik Lysen 56, Josh Tkachuk 68, Steele Roper 68, Ryan Brewer 69 and Daniel LaPorte 70.

Next up on the schedule was Woodland CH at Wild Wings GC in Woodland where they defeated Woodland by a score of 292-295. This put them in first place for the first time. They are excited for their first win against Woodland at their home course.

Wildfires scores were: Erik Lysen 47, Sam Gilbert 56, Josh Tkachuk 58, Daniel LaPorte 63, Steele Roper 68 and our 6th man Ryan Brewer shot a 70.

Next up is Victory CH at Haggin Oaks GC in Sacramento on April 4, and a rematch with Woodland at Black Oak GC on April 6.

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