The JV Wildfires basketball team finished their season with a 13-10 overall record, and a record of 7-3 in league earning them the 2nd place spot.

Coach Jordan Tucker believed there was much more to the season than wins and losses saying “From the first day of practice to the last game every kid got better every day. Everyone on the team had a desire to learn and be better.”

The Wildfires were challenged by some really good teams during the non-league part of their schedule and it was nice to see the players not be scared and take on the challenge. Coach Tucker saw how close the team was and how they were able to joke around with each other, but remarked “they still understood when to get serious and focus on the task at hand.” The Wildfires consisted of a lot of freshman and several sophomores and it took some time to mature during the season.

Foresthill was led in scoring by Thomas Patterson (sophomore) as he averaged over nine points per game. Justin Leyba (freshman) and Hunter Williams (freshman) both averaged just over seven points a game. Patterson also led the team in Rebounding as he averaged 8.4 boards per game, while Williams was second with 4.5. Williams and Leyba lead the team with two assists per game. Williams also lead the team with 3.4 steals a game, and Leyba had 2.6. Freshmen Casey Baldwin, and Jaycob Ponce gave great defensive efforts all season as well, and Casey was our leading three point shooter on the year.

Coach Tucker added about his team, “They are already a good team and have potential to be a great team if they keep working hard and maintain their desire to be the best and win. And I know they will.”

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