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Citizen tax revolts have been waged throughout American history. Indeed, the genesis of the United States was a dispute with Great Britain over taxes. The issue came to a head when colonists in Massachusetts dressed as Native Americans and dumped English tea into Boston Harbor. Literally, th…

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Due to the Covid state shutdown in 2020, the effort to recall the FPUD Board of Directors fell short in qualifying for an election. Not much has changed in that the majority of Board members do not reflect rate payer concerns. An example is the Miners Camp vs. FPUD lawsuit which remains pend…

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Terry passed away at home on July 6, surrounded by family and …


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Spring sports have been postponed and we are pending further direction from state officials, the CIF SJS, and our district superintendent. We are in a holding pattern until after April 13th, when students and staff were to return from Spring break. We will await and hope that our new normal …

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