I’m Rocky Bull a photographer based in Foresthill. I specialize in high-end art photography, special event photography, as well as individual and family portraits.  I’m presently,  one of the directors of both the Foresthill Community Art Guild, and the  Foresthill Community Art Show and one of the directors of the Foresthill Community Development Council (FCDC), The organization  that sponsors our art show. I thought it might be nice to show case some of our local artists.

I recently interviewed Billie Wilson of Billie The Kid Photography.  Billie’s day job is Supervisor with the Department of Fish and Wildlife .  Like most people these days she’s been working from home.

She and her husband, moved to Foresthill, from Sacramento in 2017.

Her love for photography  dates back to her early days with film in High School. She specializes in Motorcycle photography, shooting most of  her work outdoors, with a preference for in-camera work.

Billie has become quite the celebrity.  Her motorcycle photography has been featured three times in American Bagger Magazine as well as Thunder Roads Magazine. Billie’s  motorcycle work has  also had an international reach. The Spanish magazine Café Racer published a 16-page feature on Billie and her work. When she is not taking photos within the motorcycle she and her husband can be found on their own bikes- riding throughout the region—but always with her camera along for the ride.

You can see Billie’s work on her Facebook page: Billie the Kid Photography@BillietheKidPhotography or contact her at (916) 849-9226.

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