Who doesn’t love the smell of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg.  All the great ingredients in your favorite pumpkin spice latte—oops, scratch that, none of those are in that drink from that coffee superstore, it’s fake flavor (You can get the real thing at The Outpost at Miner’s Camp, come check us out).  OK, all the great ingredients in homemade pumpkin pie and many other favorite fall desserts.  Stick cloves in an orange and you have a beautiful pomander.

These spices are warming spices, our bodies crave them when the temperature starts to dip. Many of these flavor intensives are known to have compounds that help to raise our core body temperature, aid digestion, boost blood circulation, flush the skin with blood, and remove excess water from delicate tissues – all of which help us to stay warm and toasty in frigid temperatures. These spices also are powerful immunity boosters.  They can help us ward off infections, are anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, friendly to gut bacteria, and also effective to treat symptoms if we happen to catch something.

Essential oils are known to be 50-70% more potent than herbs and spices, so it follows that just one drop of essential oil is bursting with health goodness.  Diffusing any combination of these oils lends a welcoming, warm aroma to your home, all while building the immune system of your family.  I love to add a bit of wild orange and Siberian Fir or Douglas Fir, and my home smells like the fall holidays.  

You can pre-mix some of these oils, then add one drop of the mix in your favorite cup of black tea, instant masala chai!  Use a rollerball with these oils to apply to the bottoms of your feet, along your spine and on your pulse points to get these compounds into your bloodstream (your body knows what to do with them), plus you smell pretty great.

Stop by The Outpost if you have questions, I already have some pre-made rollerballs for you.

Paula is a wellness advocate with doTERRA.  You can contact her at pauladavid@outlook.com, call/text (530) 863-0190, or find her oil-infused products at The Outpost at Miner’s Camp.

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