Alfresco dining is now offered in Foresthill at both the Brew Masters Deli and Makers Mountain Eatery. You can enjoy your wonderful food and drinks while taking in our spectacular mountain ambience.  There's no better way to take advantage of great weather than to dine alfresco, enjoying food and drink under the sun or sky. Our Foresthill restaurants have had to become creative in order to meet the demands of the continuing pandemic. Our small town recognizes the importance of our very own local restaurants and greatly encourages patronage during these demanding times.

The phrase al fresco (ahl freh skoh) is Italian, and when used in the U.S. relative to dining or restaurants it means outside, or in the fresh air. Sometimes the term, often alternately spelled al fresco, is associated with concerts or performances as well.

When a restaurant offers an alfresco dining option that means that it has a patio or other designated outdoor area with tables and chairs that is usually serviced by waitstaff or bartenders. Even during a hot Foresthill summer, people eat outside on covered patios, some of which have misters to cool down customers in the area.

There are a few downsides to alfresco dining, including bugs, wind, and dust, all of which can disrupt a quick bite or a sit-down dinner. But for the most part, the pros outweigh the cons: gorgeous mountain views, pet-friendly areas, less noise, and a casual atmosphere.  

Keep in mind that the meaning of alfresco changes depending on the destination. In Italy, for example, the term translates to "in the cooler"—similar to the English slang term that means to be in jail or prison. Instead, when dining outside in Italy, it's more appropriate to say all'aperto or all'aria aperta or even fuori.

But, in Foresthill, whether you dine under the warm sun or enjoy an evening meal gazing at the stars, al fresco works just fine.

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