The annual seasonal closure of native surface roads, also known as dirt roads, will go into effect on the Eldorado National Forest on Monday, January 1, 2021. These roads will remain closed until at least April 1.

"We closely monitored the road conditions this fall and determined an early closure was not needed this year," said Forest Supervisor Jeff Marsolais. "My goal is to keep these roads open to the public as long as possible."  

The seasonal closure is designed to protect roadbeds and watersheds from damage and to protect water quality. A minimum three month closure period from January 1 through March 30 was designated for the core part of the winter in the Eldorado National Forest Travel Management Plan. To maintain flexibility, the timing of the dirt road closure is determined based on current conditions each year which may cause the closure to go into effect early or be extended. Regardless of when the closure is in effect, visitors should use good judgement about whether motor vehicle use will cause resource damage, and they can be held responsible if damage occurs.  

The seasonal closure does not affect routes in the Rock Creek Area of the Eldorado National Forest near Georgetown, which has its own route closure process.

Roads subject to seasonal closure are identified on a map that is free-of-charge and available at all Eldorado National Forest offices and on the forest website at: For more information on recreation opportunities and current conditions in the Eldorado National Forest, visit the forest website or contact our virtual services Visitor Information staff from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at:

•    Forest Supervisor's Office:


•    Amador Ranger District:  


•    Placerville and Pacific Ranger Districts:  916-500-4712

•    Georgetown Ranger District:         530-334-6477

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