Foresthill Divide Elementary School was able to celebrate their Eigth Grade Graduation under sunny skies amid a blustery day. Superintendent/Principal Jack Kraemer congratulated the graduates for their strong accomplishments and never ending spirit under the duress of a Covid school year.

The Class of 2021 graduating students include Gabrielle Clarke, Charlie Nickell, Braydon Howard, Avyn Nix, Michael Patterson, Kinzey Skogan, Isaiah Larson, Elle Francis, Cody Cunningham, Ella Cowan, Jasmine Clark, Mary Freeman, Katya Fluery, Jason Gilding, Jeremiah Fuller, LeonardoGiarritta, Emma Clark, Hunter Byrum, Kaydence Howes, Alexia Tascher, Damian Napoles Giovanni Giarritta, Cooper Stanowicz, Elizabeth Barrett, Sabrina Jones, Kadence Henderson, Hali Pennington, Autumn Castillo, Dakota Garcia, Bryce Dowling, Emmy Grove, Bethany Cottingham, Lindsey Noe, Delila Canan, Zoe Ordway, Leelaa Domenici, Taylor Iace, Travis Pazarik and Elissa York.

Awards were presented by the teaching staff to Damian Napoles for Best Student; Mary Freeman and Hunter Byrum for Most Improved Student; Katya Fluery and Cooper Stanowicz for Language Arts; Emmy Grove and Brayden Howard for History; Emmy Grove and Jason Gilding for Science; Elle Francis and Natalie Ford for Art; Bryce Dowling and Zoe Ordway for Mathematics; Hunter Byrum, Emma Clark, Jasmine Clark, Ella Cowen, Katya Fleury, Jason Gilding, Emmy Grove, Kaydence  Howes, Michael Patterson, Zoe Ordway,  Cooper Stanowicz, Autumn Castillo, Bryce Dowling, Natalie Ford, Kadence Henderson and Sabrina Jones for Constitution Awards; Bethany Cottingham and Damian Napoles for Humanity; Hunter Byrum, Ella Cowen, Jason Gilding, Elissa York, Isaiah Larson, Bryce Dowling, Hali Pennington, Natalie Ford, Bethany Cottingham and Cooper Stanowicz for Foresthill Teachers Association Graduation Award.

The Foresthill Lions Cub presented the Sportsmanship Award to Ella Cowen and Jason Gilding.  This years American Legion Citizenship Award recipient was Braydon Howard and the American Legion Auxillary Citizenship award was presented to Zoe Ordway.

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