Starting this week we have one additional Meals on Wheels driver for Foresthill. Now the other driver and I will have around 10 clients each.  This is easily doable.

Now we need two things.   One thing is several other substitute drivers who can possibly work one morning a week to relieve the regular drivers when those drivers have scheduling conflicts.  I have been looking for additional drivers for Foresthill for several months.  The people I have talked with have invariably said that they would like to do it but it was too big of a time commitment.  Now, you only need a free morning Monday, Wednesday  or Friday.  You drive down to the Seniors First office in Auburn around 10:15 am.  You pickup the insulated boxes filled with nutritious food and deliver it to 10 grateful seniors.  You should be done by a little past noon.  Please call Beth or Mary at 800-878-9222 ext 208.

The more important second thing we need is more clients.  I suspect there more than 20 people in Foresthill who are over 60 and are having difficulty eating a balance diet.  Meals On Wheels provides three hot lunches and two frozen lunches every week. These lunches are planned by certified nutritionist and made by local restaurants. MOW is funded by a grant from the Older Americans Act. The lunches are free of charge.  For more information about MOW go to .  To enroll call (530) 878-5718.

Tyler Harkness   367-3488

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