Hello FDS Families,

FDS Principal News: Welcome to Summer 2020! What a school year it has been…new Superintendent/Principal, PG&E PSPS days, Coronavirus, school closure, and Distance Learning. As mentioned many times before, we have endured much, but we have also accomplished much…together. Though the school year is officially over, FDS is continues to work by providing Extended School Year (ESY) to our Special Education students through our specifically designed Distance Learning program while I, along with other district and site staff, will be working throughout the summer in preparation for the new school year.

Below is important information regarding current matters.

Upcoming Important Dates: June 22 @ 6:30p – Board meeting, June 29 @ 3:00p – Facilities meeting, July 13 @ 6:30p – Board meeting, August 19 @ afternoon – Class Lists available (anticipated), and August 20 – First day of school (anticipated).

Yearbooks: The publishing company is still experiencing distribution issues with yearbooks. Once we have more information, Mrs. Peres will immediately thereafter contact families about pick up arrangements.

Website: As many families may have noticed, the district and FDS website has been transitioning throughout most of the school year to be more user-friendly and streamlined. Unfortunately, the in-between transition time from the old version of the website to the new version has not yet fully realized its goal and potential. With the official close of the school year, the website is one of our highest IT priorities. It is anticipated that the website will be mostly to fully transitioned by the end of June.

Kids Club: In our continued efforts to have a safe reopening of Kids Club as soon as possible, the Director of Kids Club and I have conducted site visits to two different childcare centers to gain knowledge about best practices and lessons learned from newly re-opened childcare centers. We will stay informed about government reopening guidelines as we plan and prepare for our own re-opening.

PG&E Hot Weather PSPS Drill: Though COVID-19 has been foremost on our minds, FDS must constantly remain mindful and never forget about the realities of power shutoffs during the school year. With that in mind, I recently participated in the PCOE Safety meeting in which a representative from PG&E provided a briefing regarding their enhanced processes and procedures that have been refined over the last six months. Additionally, the maintenance and operations crew along with the front office staff conducted a “dry run” drill of our basic procedures and took inventory of our current supplies last Tuesday. This primarily entailed placing all of our generators in their established locations and checking the entirety of our PSPS room kits. All missing

items and restocked supplies will be ordered in time for our next Hot Weather PSPS drill about 10 days before the start of school. Our Cold Weather PSPS drill will place approximately two months thereafter.

Family Input for Improved District and School Services: There were close to 100 responses…thank you families for taking the time to provide your much-needed input and feedback. We truly appreciate both the positive comments as well as the tough criticism. Please know that your responses will guide us in setting the priorities that are most important to you as well as assisting our staff in addressing areas for improvement for the upcoming school year and beyond.

School Opening for 2020-21: With continued due consideration for guidance and directives from the federal, state, and local levels along with collaboration amongst the regional Superintendents, including the feeder high school district, I remain committed to working diligently toward the goal of returning back to our normal school life as soon as possible while also working concurrently on a transition plan should circumstances not enable our campus to be fully open on our first day of school. I look forward to sharing definitive recommendations and next steps at the July 13 Board meeting.

Volunteerism for School Year 2020-21: Regardless of how the school year starts, our teachers, staff, and students will need significant volunteer support throughout the school year, especially in the early days. I am asking now that all adults consider volunteering at FDS for the next school year as it will be more important than ever before. We will unequivocally need your help, and we will absolutely find something for all volunteers to do. As we get closer to the start of school, I will officially ask for your help and will provide details on the path for volunteerism. It will truly be the time for us to come together for the students of FDS.

8th Grade Graduation Ceremonies: I am very pleased to announce that last Saturday each and every 8th grade student and their families had the safe experience of a live 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony. All of our promoting students enjoyed, in person and with their family, the traditional pageantries of arriving to “Pomp and Circumstances”, Superintendent/Principal speech, individual address by their teacher, photos with families, Affirmation of Promotion, and the traditional FDS departure to “Time of our Life.” In addition to the “live” portion of the graduation ceremony, our 8th grade students also enjoyed their “virtual” portion as well. Please feel free to experience the celebration at the following link http://foresthilldividefds.ss8.sharpschool.com/ and selecting the various items in the “8th Grade Graduation Ceremony” tab.

In closing, I would be remiss to not recognize the hardworking team comprised of the 7/8 grade teaching team, numerous teachers from other grade levels, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kirk (M&O), and Mrs. Kattenhorn for their tremendous effort in putting together a live ceremony that many other 8th grade students throughout California were not able to do the same. You are all amazing!

As usual, I want to steadfastly assure you that we at FDS remain committed to serving your children and you.

I will send periodic updates to families throughout the summer as needed to keep everyone informed about the upcoming school year.

Thanks, Jack

FDS front office phone: 530-367-3782

District office phone: 530-367-2966

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