At the July 13th FPUD Board Meeting the Directors stated that they were not accepting the Appellate Court's ruling and were going back to court once again with their litigation with Miner's Camp.  The litigation has been going on for over four years with little to show for the ratepayers expense.

Miner's Camp has previously been awarded $114,000 for their expenses states Brian Clausman, co-owner of Miner's Camp. Having had to continue fighting with FPUD the Miner's Camp expenses have now mushroomed to an  excess of $269,000.

The FPUD Board of Directors have not released their litigation costs to date as they claim priviledge due to the ongoing litigation. The Foresthill ratepayers have demanded to know how much money is being spent out of their pockets, however their requests continue falling on deaf ears.

If one were to review the history of events, they would find that over four years ago Miner's Camp was willing to pay a small sum of money for their "Phantom Meters".  The FPUD turned them down seeking a larger monetary amount.  Miner's Camp felt forced to dig deeper into the law and discovered that FPUD's rate structure was illegal and the can of worms was opened. The court ruled that the rate structure was deficient and over 300 accounts were illegally billed.  FPUD challenged the court stating that Miner's Camp had not filed suit in a timely manner  therefore could not challenge the rate structures legality. The court ruled in Miner's Camp favor however the litigation from FPUD still continues on.

The previous FPUD Board began the litigation with Miner's Camp. Now, the present board continues in their footsteps.

The Foresthill Messenger reached out to a FPUD Board Director for comment with no response prior to publication.

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