California State Parks (State Parks) and the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) released a Preliminary GP/RMP and Draft EIR/EIS in July 2019 for public review and comment. More than 350 comment letters were received during the comment period. State Parks and Reclamation have carefully considered all of the comments and included responses in the Final EIR/EIS.

 As part of the evaluation of the public comments, State Parks and Reclamation have made changes to the proposed GP/RMP, which are documented in the Final EIR/EIS and include the following:

• Reduced the additional camping capacity allowed under the Plan from 235 to 142 campsites.

•  Clarified and added requirements to address wildfire risk.

•    Clarified and strengthened the process for planning new facilities.

•    Added guidelines to better communicate river hazards and other risks.

•    Added and strengthened guidelines to better address traffic circulation and parking issues near the Confluence and at other locations within ASRA/APL.

The final environmental documents were prepared in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act and National Environmental Policy Act. The Final EIR/EIS and additional information on the GP/RMP can be found at and Reclamation's webpage.

 If you have questions on the Final EIR/EIS, please contact:

The Final EIR/EIS for the Auburn State Recreation Area/Auburn Project Lands GP/RMP is now available at

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