What a great turnout for the Halloween 2021 event on Soap St, sponsored by a combined trio, non-profit Foresthill 4Wheelers, non-profit Foresthill Chamber of Commerce, and Makers.  A haunted house, concession stand, and photo booth were made to make this a special day for kids and parents.  Our intent was to wall off the street for a kid-safe zone and offer hot dogs to line the tummies before all the candy.  In addition, a wonderful custom picture booth was designed to remember 2021.  Several months went into the planning and many hours of many volunteers to bring this to the community.  Although all three entities would love to have made this free to all, Covid has had a big impact on our small town. As opposed to some rumors, Makers did not have huge profits for the sales, as they barely covered the costs involved, which was shared by all three sponsors.  Makers graciously allowed their back room for storage of all the props and decorations, which devoured much of their working space, and allowed their power sources to be utilized.  The tent, supplied by Makers, reduced the cost of this event by close to $1000. We thank all of the volunteers, and the community, for visiting and making this a lovely success and hopefully an event to build on in years to come.

Debbie Guidi

Chamber Secretary

4Wheeler Member

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