Join us in celebrating Foresthill local, Buffy Wicks, as she made us all proud when she showed up to represent working parents everywhere!  Wicks, who grew up in Foresthill, is now an Assemblywoman in Oakland.  Several bills that were dear to Buffy’s heart were being voted on and her request to vote by proxy was denied at the last minute.  With no time to make arrangements to care for her nursing newborn baby – what does a gal from Foresthill do?  We SHOW UP and represent!  

Clutching her infant daughter, Ellie, to her chest and wearing a facial mask, Wicks followed her sense of duty by showing up in the Assembly chamber on the last night of the session to vote for these bills so very important to young families.   Buffy was present to support expanded maternity leave so more moms can stay home longer with their newborns without being fired. Another measure would have increased housing production by making it easier to build duplexes on land zoned for single-family homes.  

Wicks spent the session’s last day in her Capitol office, watching the Assembly action on TV, changing diapers and nursing baby Ellie. As the midnight deadline approached, colleagues texted that her votes were urgently needed. “I was nursing at the time,” Buffy recalls. “I grabbed Elli up in my arms and ran down two flights of stairs. I knew it was a race against the clock. Everyone was looking at me standing there with my newborn.”  

Wicks’ vote for the family leave bill was crucial. It allowed the measure, by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), to pass with the bare minimum votes needed.  Way Ta Go Buffy!  We’re proud of your willingness to SHOW UP to be counted when it really matters!  Way to represent families in the Bay Area as well as those of us right here in your home town of Foresthill too!  We are sure proud of our hometown hero, Buffy Wicks, and we thank you for a job well done!  Well – you and Ellie too.  

“I love being a legislator,” Wicks says. “You can hear about something on the radio that you care about and say, ‘I can do a bill.’ You can have a significant meaning in people’s lives…. Just don’t let it go to your head.”

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