At a ceremony held on Saturday at our local airport, The Auburn Aviation Association (AAA) formally awarded eight flight training scholarships to young people in the area.  Some of the awards are for new students who will pursue private pilot licenses, while others are for already licensed pilots who will train for instrument ratings.  The amount of the scholarships ranged between $2,500 and $10,000 each, and all of the training will be accomplished at one of the several flight schools located at the Auburn Airport.  

While the scholarship program is primarily administered by the Auburn Aviation Association, some of the scholarships were sponsored by the Ellsworth Hovey Getchell Foundation, by Auburn Chapter 526 of the Experimental Aircraft Association, and by Auburn's Mach 5 Aviation.  One of the ongoing scholarships is named in honor of Auburn's own WWII hero Col. C.E. Bud Anderson.  The awards ceremony was attended by the scholarship recipients, representatives of all of the sponsors, Tom Dwelle of Nella Investments LLC (another significant AAA supporter), as well as Col. Anderson.  

AAA Scholarship Director Don Wolfe stated that these scholarships "prove that Auburn is an aviation town, and I feel fortunate to live here."  The AAA has been involved in awarding flight training scholarships for decades, however they have significantly expanded their program in the last several years.  "The level of support that we have received from local aviation enthusiasts and organizations, shows that we have gotten significant community buy-in to our program," Wolfe went on to say.

More information about the Auburn Aviation Association's scholarship program is available on their website,   

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