The Foresthill Heritage Community Garden, a project of the Foresthill Community Development Council, can be deemed a huge success. The Garden is in its second season and currently has eight planting beds filled with flowers and veggies. There are eleven people on the “planting beds” waiting list and two more beds have been approved by the County to install for next season.

The Community Garden is now offering various classes for the community. Most recent was held on Saturday, June 30th and was a “Succulent Turtle” project. For a nominal fee, all the supplies needed to create your own “turtle” were provided with professional instruction by Candice Stewart.

Garden coordinators are looking forward to providing additional classes, lectures, etc. going forward, with the next one being on August 16th at 10am at the garden. The speaker will be Marian Horton from Horton’s Iris Farm. She will be offering a training dubbed “Irises 101.” The class will include information on propagation of irises, when to plant, care when dormant, “dividing” iris bulbs, and how to cross pollinate irises. Come by just to see the unique Zebra variety! There will be a free iris rhizome (bulb) exchange at this class also.

A Bonsai class is in the works, but the date and time still need to be determined. You can go to the Foresthill Heritage Community Garden Facebook page and like it to receive updates and event notifications. So like their page and then watch for more fun things coming in the future.

Note: There will also be a bulb exchange at the Fall Plant Sale in October…more details to follow.

Marjene Streeper, a Board Member of the FH CDC, who has been a major player in spearheading this garden, has said “the county has been very supportive and enthusiastic about the activities and growth (of the garden area).” The garden has evolved over the last year and is now a beautiful spot to just go and sit and watch the birds and bees enjoying the abundant bounty of the garden.

The Foresthill Heritage Community Garden is a successful example of the power of a community working together to make a difference and achieve its goals.

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