Strong prices and an increase in planted acreage of rice and walnut crops in Placer County helped drive a 17% increase of total crop value in 2019.

That’s according to the 2019 Placer County Agricultural Crop Report, presented to the county Board of Supervisors as an informational item earlier this week at their meeting in Auburn.

Placer County’s total gross value of agricultural crops and products for 2019 was $86,707,959; representing an increase of $14,005,069, or 17% above 2018’s value of $72,702,890.

The annual totals reflect the gross value of agricultural crops and products, not the net income producers receive.

Rice retained its spot as Placer County’s top-grossing crop with a value of $25,766,652, which represented a $5 million increase due to strong prices and an increase in planted acreage.

Although down significantly from 2018, beef cattle remained second in overall value, with a total value of $12,925,000.

Walnuts took over the third position at $11,777,842 with a significant increase in value of more than $6 million due to much of the recently planted new acreage coming into production.

Placer County’s top five crops for 2019 were:

•    Rice: $25,766,652

•    Cattle and calves: $12,925,000

•    Walnuts: $11,777,842

•    Nursery stock: $7,048,500

•    Timber: $6,026,000

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