The pet food pantry is overflowing for the Placer SPCA’s Food Assistance Program. For Placer County pet owners who have fallen on hard times in the midst of COVID-19, Placer SPCA wants you to know that this free resource is available.

Through the Food Assistance Program, Placer SPCA is able to provide food for up to three animals (cats and/or dogs), every 30 days depending on available supplies. Pet owners must show proof of Placer County residency and the animals must be spayed or neutered.

“When times are tough, we want pet families to know we are here for you,” said Leilani Fratis, Placer SPCA CEO. “Through the generosity of donations, we are able to help keep food bowls full, and people and their pets together in their homes.

“In fact, we just received a lovely thank you card from Maria who wrote, ‘Thank you so very much for your cat food program for seniors like me overcoming having a low income. It’s such a huge help and I appreciate what you and your donors are doing for me.’”

The Placer SPCA receives all pet food for this program through donations, so certain brands or types of food may not always be available. There is no appointment necessary, but food must be picked up during regular business hours from the Placer SPCA Intake Center (150 Corporation Yard Rd., Roseville) Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-4pm.

While the pantry may be full, Placer SPCA believes there will be continued need over the next few months for pet owners in Placer County. Donations of unopened dry dog and cat food can be dropped off at the Placer SPCA Intake Center (150 Corporation Yard Rd., Roseville) Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-4pm.    

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