The June 5th Statewide primary election is now behind us. According to the Placer County elections office here is how Placer County voted:

Of the 223,919 registered voters in Placer only 95,137 actually voted. That’s a 42.49% turnout.

In the Governor’s race John Cox (R) took 40.17% of the vote with Gavin Newsom (D) coming in second with 25.82%. There were twenty seven people vying for the opportunity to be on the November ballot.

Lieutenant Governor was a little closer with Cole Harris (R) taking 28.75 % and Eleni Kounalakis (D) garnering 24.36%. The field was a bit smaller with just eleven candidates.

Secretary of State had eight people with MARK P. MEUSER (R) getting 47.22% of the votes and Alex Padilla (D) at 39.82%

The office of Attorney General had four running and Steven Bailey (R) had 37.11% with runner up Xavier Becerra (D) coming in at 34.93%.

The US Senator race had thirty two candidates to choose from and Diane Feinstein (D) pulled in 34.96% of the votes while James Bradley (R) came in second with 14.85%.

In the race for 4th District US Representative incumbent Tom McClintock (R) lead the five candidate field with 50.8% while Jessica Morse (D) picked up 18.82%.

The 4th District State Senator race has James Nielsen (R) with 60.71% up against Phillip Kim (D) who had 21.87%.

The State Assembly 1st District race has Brian Dahle (R) with 59.41% of the vote running against Caleen Sisk (D) who got 26.94%

State Superintendent of Public Instruction will have Marshall Tuck and Tony K Thurmond trying to capture that job in the November election, while it appears Gayle Garbolino-Moji is unopposed for the Placer County Superintendent of Schools.

Proposition 68 – a Natural Resources bond issue to fund parks, natural resources protection, climate adaptation, water quality and supply, and flood protection took 55.41% of the vote. It passed at the state level with 56.7% overall. It passed at the state level with 80.9% overall.

Proposition 69 – the Transportation Revnue initiative which requires that certain new transportation revenues are used for transportation purposes had 83.42% of Placer voters behind it. At the state level it garnered 80.9% overall.

Proposition 70 – which would have required a legislative supermajority vote approving use of cap-and-trade reserve funds had 63.18% of Placer voters saying no failed on the statewide level with 64.5% opposing it overall.

Proposition 71 – which will set effective dates for ballot measures was passed at 77.5% of the statewide vote. 75.96% of Placer voters got behind it.

Proposition 72 which gives a property tax credit to new construction incorporating Rain Capture Systems had 84.6% of Placer voters for it which is also where it came in at the state level.

The one local bond issue on the Ballot – Measure E – the $350 million Sierra Joint Community District construction and maintenance bond passed with 55.49% approving it.

While this list is not all inclusive (it doesn’t include offices that don’t have an effect on Foresthill or non-contested seats) it covers much of what the majority of residents would have interest in.

For all of the numbers and results you can visit the Placer County Elections website ( or the California Secretary of State website (

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