Thank you. In my first Messenger article to the community on July 3, 2019, two days after my official start as Superintendent/Principal for the district and school, those were my two words chosen with intentionality as I arrived with much gratitude in the heart. Since then, I’ve taken the opportunity each subsequent November/December articles to express my deepest appreciation during this season of giving thanks and joyous holiday celebrations.    

Thank You To Our Partners In Education: In a little over two years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many organizations and individuals in the community. The success of our students could not be achieved without the support of our partners in education.

- California Highway Patrol: Thank you Officer Luthy for always being available to help with our traffic management and safety needs of our school.

- Foresthill Community Development Council: Thank you Robyn Husmann and Board members for allowing me to stay informed about our community projects and letting me share updates about the district and school at your Board meetings.

- Foresthill Fire Protection District: Thank you Chief Ridley, Deputy Chief Matcham, and team for the protective fire and medical cloak in service to our students and staff. The fire protection support is incredible, and I am constantly amazed at the responsiveness, care, and compassion shown by the medics in times of urgent medical attention needed at our school.

- Foresthill Lions: Thank you President Steve Smith and members for the consistent, proactive, and enthusiastic support shown to our students over the years. I am especially appreciative of the warmth and welcomeness that have been displayed by the members to me since our first introductions.

- Foresthill MAC: Thank you Supervisor Gustafson and Council members for providing me with the monthly opportunity to timely and consistently apprise the community about the affairs of the district and school along with hosting the forum that enables me to stay informed about all matters of concern to the community directly from its leaders and residents.

- Sheriff’s Office: Thank you Sergeant Ty Conner and officers for keeping vigilant law enforcement watch and providing protection for our students and staff. We truly feel much safer knowing that your officers are constantly “on the ready” to support us in critical times of safety needs.

- Vista Complete Care: Thank you Jillian Nolan-Schwall and staff for the AED device donated last school year and the weekly COVID-19 testing support both at our school and the Foresthill facility this school year.  

- 7-11 Committee: Thank you Committee Chair Kevin Ordway, Committee Vice-Chair Robert Gossard, and members for leading what will be a one-year journey in helping to determine the future of our old elementary school. I have high appreciation for the willingness of all members to keep an open mind, learn about the process, and speaking respectfully with candor in our collaborations together.

- SO MANY OTHERS: Equal thanks to individual community members (you know who you are…no, not you, Larry…Carol…of course!), Messenger, Pastor Chris DelCol, Pastor Marc Andersen, Silent Angels, and Worton’s.

Thank You To Our Fabulous District and School Staff: I would like to convey my deepest and most sincere thanks to the fabulous district and school staff. We, together and as a team, successfully achieved in the three major pillars of Safety, Resources, and Academics that was the strategic plan from day one.

- Safety: My deepest and most sincere thanks for working together to make our school a safer and healthier campus through the installation of an interior security fence, increase of numerous portable generators and one fixed generator to support in times of PSPS and power outages, and implementation of the ever-evolving pandemic related protocols.

- Resources: My deepest and most sincere thanks to the Fiscal Services team and Business Manager Consultant for ensuring that financial performance each school year was better than budgeted and securing the ability of the district to have sustainable resources long into the future through intelligent and appropriate expenditure investments.

- Academics: My deepest and most sincere thanks to our teachers and all staff in working together to have the highest amount of in-person instruction on campus in the region last school year. We have been in the pandemic landscape for nearly two years now. Despite the ravages of the pandemic that spanned the closure of our school on March 16, 2020, through the steady re-opening all throughout the 2020-21 school year, our students increased slightly in Math and decreased slightly in English Language Arts in the most recent State assessments compared to the prior last results from the end of the 2018-19 school year.

- SO MUCH MORE: My deepest and most sincere thanks also go out to our Technology Department for taking our school from students sharing and having partial use of computers to each and every one of our pupils now having a dedicated computer both at school and at home. More thanks to our Maintenance and Operations team for working together to complete significant facilities improvements inclusive of a new gym sound system along with new replacements to our very old tractor and utility cart. Extended thanks to our Cafeteria staff for being the most positive and stable team on campus while improving food services for our students and family through the new implementation of our Mosaic software system and participating in the well-established Seamless Summer program that provides free food to our community’s youth during the summers and by extension all of our FDS students during the pandemic. And finally, teachers…you have been simply amazing. We have worked together through the implementation of Google Drive, iReady, ST Math, GoGuardian, and a host of other technology tools while enduring the demands of constant change and adapting to the pandemic landscape for almost two years now. You have been Foresthill committed. You are Foresthill strong. You will forever be the reason for our Foresthill educational successes.  

FDS students, families, and staff will continue working together as a team to return to “better than” normal for the 2021-22 school year. I would like to, as usual, invite the community to join us in that cause to provide our students with world-class education…for the sake of our children’s success and future.

This truly is the season and time to fully embrace appreciativeness and gratitude for each other. And to all of you…

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