Once upon a time there was a very great man.  There was not one of his kind who was so good.  In fact, this man was perfect.  He spent his life teaching, loving, giving, doing all he could to make it better for the world.  In his brilliance and perfection, he influenced many to write down what he did and what he said.  So many examples, so many sayings, so many lives saved.  One day, he made a comment that would live as the foundation for the world.  He said, “Greater love has no one than this, that He lay down His life for his friends.”  Lay down one’s life for the sake of a friend, for the sake of your beliefs, for the sake of eternity?  What a concept.  And he did.  When the people of his time decided that this guy was too much of a threat, they arrested him, and beat him, and tried desperately to take everything from him … his dignity, his pride, his very soul.  But they could not do it, for he was a very great man.  When all was said and done, the only way they thought they could keep him from doing what was right was to tear him to pieces with whips, fists, thorns, nails, and a spear.  They killed him.  But he rose from the dead, and he ruled anyway because of what he did, and we who believe live happily ever after.  SACRIFICE!

There is a lot to remember this Memorial Day weekend.  And it all boils down to one word.  SACRIFICE.  

On the 30th of May we remember our fallen soldiers. The is a day of memory for the lives lost for our freedom.  A day to look at oneself and say what have I done to make a difference.  Hundreds of thousands of men and women in the armed forces … they continue to make a difference for our freedom on earth and a man on a cross making an eternal difference for each and every one of us.  So, the question is, are you willing to make a difference?  Are you willing to make a sacrifice of time, talents, and treasures for the sake of renewal in Placer County? In particular, Foresthill?  Please join us each Sunday to get an idea of exactly how we will do that.  The service is blended in nature, so come as you are and enjoy the music, the Word, the food, and the fellowship.  All are welcome!  New Hope Church is located at 22200 Foresthill Rd., Foresthill, CA.  We pray you will join us each Sunday at 9:30am for worship.

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