Last week, I joined my fellow Board of Supervisors and County leadership in a Strategic Planning Workshop. This was a great opportunity for the Board members to not only talk about our priorities, but also to get to know each other a little better.  I appreciate the wisdom, background, and insight we were able to share and am excited about the initiatives we plan to undertake in the future.

During the workshop, one of the items we worked through together was revising and reaffirming Placer County’s Critical Success Factors which were first outlined by the Board in 2018. This was a great opportunity for the five of us to look at how far we’ve come since establishing that Strategic Plan while also making some necessary and relevant revisions to match our current goals and priorities. This was especially important since Supervisors Gore, Jones, and myself were not Board members in 2018. The Critical Success Factors have been a great metric for both county staff and the community to ensure that these goals are being achieved efficiently and effectively.  The revised Critical Success Factors include:

•    Strategic Relationships and Community Engagement

•    Diversity of Achievable Housing Throughout the County

•    Public Serving Infrastructure and Amenities

•    Outcome-Focused Economic Development Strategies

•    Prudent and Comprehensive Financial Planning

•    Fiscally Sustainable Public Safety Services

•    Innovative, Integrated County Services

•    Balanced Land-Use Planning and Environmental Stewardship

We also discussed additional priorities and issues. Some of the ones that rose to the top included sustainable fire services, forest management, a county-wide homeless action plan, criminal justice reform, and increased farm to fork opportunities. Additional priorities I outlined included:

•    Enhancing rural broadband/internet and emergency alert services   

•    Advancement of innovative transportation and transit solutions  

•    Development of future leaders in our county through County leadership programs  

•    Regular tracking of key indicators of quality of life - covering a wide variety of topics from mental health to economics  

Moving forward, the Board and I will continue to work together to refine these priorities and put work plans in place. I look forward to sharing more with you as these develop.

Below you will find some additional updates and resources I thought you would find informative. As always, I encourage you to reach out to my office if you have additional comments, questions, or concerns. Thank you for taking the time to connect and for giving me the opportunity to serve you.

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