A family sits together for dinner, a rarity in today’s society. Teenager Ruth said her friend had told her about Jesus saying, "Jesus is the way the truth and the life".

Immediately an argument started. Tom, an older brother, said, "I don’t want any of that church stuff at dinner." The father agreed. There was a fellow at work who was always trying to "corner someone on religion." He did not want any of that nonsense in this house.

The mom feels like she is stuck in the middle not knowing what to say. Little Bill, the youngest of the family, suggested that they ought to go to church and ask the preacher. He would know. So, Billy, Ruth, and mom decided they would go to church the following Sunday and talk with the Pastor. The father and the older son left the supper table in a "huff’ to watch the football game.

The three did attend church the following Sunday. They did talk with the Pastor and in time they came to experience the love of Christ in their lives. They did find that Jesus was the way the truth and the life for them. These three became regular attenders in church. The other two? Still watching TV? Yes, until the day the older son, Tom, was critically hurt in a car accident. Then things changed. All of a sudden Jesus became important in the lives of all in the family. I find it interesting that no one wants to talk about Jesus or to Jesus until they have a crisis. Then everything changes! Does that sound familiar in the society we live in?

Jesus says in our gospel lesson this coming Sunday, "Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division; for henceforth in one house there will be 5 divided, 3 against 2 and 2 against 3."

There is a cutting edge for a person who has experienced the love of Christ in their lives. That cutting edge may mean that indeed families can be divided as in our story. That cutting edge may mean that you might be ridiculed for your faith, that cutting edge may mean that you might stand apart and alone for the convictions you hold, that cutting edge may dictate how you will live your life, how you will treat others and how they will treat you.

Jesus is telling us that he demands loyalty, a commitment that produces a cutting edge in one’s life.

The cutting edge is a commitment that just might cut across family ties, that just might cut across at how others see us, a commitment that says as a Christian you are different in this world. And so, Jesus brings the issue to the forefront!

Jesus calls us to live for Him. He calls us to a life of loyalty, a life of commitment, a life that is lived on the cutting edge of society. He calls us to live with conviction, to a life in faith. He calls us to live with courage, to draw on His strength and he calls us to be tested. He calls us to make a stand, to live by our convictions even when those convictions might bring separation, or pain into our lives.

To hear more about, “The Cutting Edge”, please join us for worship this and every Sunday at New Hope Church at 22200 Foresthill Rd., Foresthill. CA. 530-367-3650. Service begins at 9:30am with a time of food and fellowship immediately following worship. All are welcome so please come as you are …. BTW - It is Hawaiian shirt summer so dig up one and wear it if you like. God bless … Pastor Chris

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