At the July 21st Foresthill Divide School Board Meeting, Board Trustee Sean Salveson stated that he was now a permanent resident of Arizona. As required, he offered his resignation to the Board to be effective as soon as they wished. The pending resignation created a flurry of conversation as to how the Board might plan for Board Trustee Amber Ordway (who would be up for election November 3rd) to take advantage of Mr. Salveson’s resignation. All Board Trustees joined the conversation, with the exception of Josh Wilson, as to how they might be able to have Ms. Ordway  also resign and then the Board would turn around and appoint her to Mr. Salveson’s open position. In doing so, Ms. Ordway  would not have to run for a seat in the upcoming election and would stay on the Board for an additional two years. All of this would be accomplished without the votes of the Foresthill community.

The Foresthill community has the right to properly vote for their Foresthill Divide School Trustees. Placement on the Board should be the community’s choice, not a scheme to circumvent the voting process. A representative of the Placer County Board of Elections stated that “ …collusion such as this is a violation of process and would not be successful.”

So, what now? The Foresthill Divide School Board and the Placer County Board of Elections should accept Mr. Salveson’s resignation immediately. If they move quickly, the open position would appear on the November 3rd ballot for an open and fair election. The Foresthill community deserves the right to have their votes counted and to choose who occupies the open seat in a legal fashion.

Steve Smith, Owner

Foresthill Messenger

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